N Dip Taxation p/t 1st Signature of Applicant Date Submit your completed Change of Mind Request form to the Central Applications Office Private Bag X06 Dalbridge 4014 E-mail comscao cao. CHANGE OF MIND REQUEST FORM CAO Number Applicant ID/Passport Number Applicant s First Name/s Applicant s Surname A Change of Mind Fee of R100 is charged for each request submitted to add change or renumber programme choices. Ac.za or Fax 0866228833 Methods of Paying your Change of Mind Fee You can use your...

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What is CAO Change of Mind Form?

In case the CAO applicant has changed his mind on the curriculum, while already paid in full for the course and succeed in the initial application, he or she can use Change of Mind form. If the applicant have changed some of basic personal information, like address or surname, change of mind form is not suitable. That change can be done either online using the My Application facility or on paper.

What is the Purpose of CAO Change of Mind Form?

The Change of Mind form applies only to  the applicants in any year, who previously made an application through CAO for entry.

Change of mind is the document for CAO applicants to complete and, once completed, to be brought to the Admissions Office of your current institution to be stamped.

When is CAO Change of Mind Form Due?

CAO Cahnge of Mind Form has no specific Due Date. However, you can contact the CAO Call Centre, or visit CSO website to learn what is the due date for your change of mind form.

Is CAO Change of Mind Form Accompanied by Other Documents?

A fee of R100 is charged for each Change of Mind submission or a request to extend your application. No request will be processed until payment is received in full. The applicant should mention if he\she wishes to extend the application to the next available entry year/term after the start date of the programmes he\she applied for; What do you want to change and/or re-rank your programme choices; What to do if you want to extend your application to the next available entry year/term; You are only allowed to extend your application to the next available entry year ONCE, thereafter you must make a new application.

What Information do I Provide in CAO Change of Mind Form?

The applicant should insert basic info, like CAO Number, ID or passport number, first name and surname. Also the applicant should describe the reason for filling the from, marking when does a change of mind or extending your application request have to be completed. The applicant should mark when he\she wants to change a previously submitted programme.

Where do I Send CAO Change of Mind Form?

Submit your completed Change of Mind/Extending Your Application Request form to E-mail: comscao@cao.ac.za, Fax: 0866 228 833, Post to Central Applications Office, Private Bag X06, Dalbridge, 4014 or hand deliver to our office.

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